Tune my heart.

Tune my heart. Those words are sprawled across a weathered wooden sign nailed to the wall of the coffee shop I’m spending a breezy Sunday afternoon in today. I’ve burrowed myself in the corner of a brown leather couch that has welcomed me by swallowing me up to the point that I never want to [...]


blank pages.

I absolutely hate blank pages. Whew – glad that’s over with. Blank pages are my least favorite part of writing. Some people flourish with all the possibilities. I struggle to not let the endless white space defeat me before I’ve even begun. Since I graduated in May, my life has been a whole slew of [...]

I’m not God’s gift to the world.

I remember the way the van wobbled, jerked and lurched in the dirt clouds of the bumpy roads, as I looked out the window in uncultured shock. I remember the questioning faces of the little boys surrounding us, some dressed in stained school uniforms, other in T-shirts printed with faces of characters they probably couldn’t [...]

Regrets collected, like old friends.

I'm not quite sure what the best method is for closing out a year. My social media accounts are flooded with people reflecting on 2016 — the blessings, the hardships, the heartbreaking events and the hope they have for a new beginning — but I have found myself shying away from my annual evaluation of the [...]

What I Learned as the One-Armed Wonder

Four weeks ago, I fractured my arm playing intramural flag football because obviously, I am so sporty. I really want to convince you that I did it making some incredible, gravity-defying catch for a first down or leaping over a hoard of people into the end zone to score the game-winning touchdown. Because I go [...]

Be present.

Getting out of a funk is strange. Some days are happy. Some days are hard. Some days are a confusing mixture, unable to be defined by one singular emotion. Many days lately I just feel overwhelmed, buried underneath a mountain of stresses and self-induced worries. Searching for that one beam of light streaming in through an unseen [...]