Welcome, friends! Nice to meet you.

My name is Cara Shaye Walker, and my story began almost 24 years ago near Chattanooga, Tennessee. Well, actually I’m from a tiny town in Georgia close to the Tennessee state line, but let’s just say I’m from the South, which if you ever talk to me in person, you’ll notice the accent. I’m noticing it more and more since I relocated to Denver in August of 2017.

One of my best friends told me once that I’m the most extroverted person she knows. I’m at my peak level of thriving when I’m surrounded by people — perhaps that’s what put me on the path to becoming a writer and storyteller. People have always fascinated me — who they are and how they got to be, their stories of struggles and success.

As for how I got to be where I am, I have always been pretty willing to say yes to a new adventure. I don’t like sitting still for more than an hour or I usually end up at Target or a local coffee shop. Four years ago, I said yes to moving to Alabama to attend the University of Alabama, which became the perfect home for such a crazy time in my life. And as I previously mentioned, my last big adventure was saying yes to packing up all of my belongings — well, all that would fit in my Toyota Camry — and driving 20 hours across the country to start a new job in a city where I know absolutely no one.

Although I continually miss my people, my friends, and my family fiercely, I’m so excited for the new people I’ve encountered during this season of my life. I love adding their stories to my collection.

Click on the My Latest Stories tab at the top to read more about what’s been going on in my life and my heart. This blog is just a space for me to share a little more of my story, as it’s being written. I hope our stories somehow intertwine, too, even in this small way.

If you have any questions for me or would just like to talk about life, I have an abnormal love for getting emails. Please contact me below!